XR3 Series Fittings


XR3 fittings are designed with a patented feature that when used with FlashShield CSST, contours the metal shield. This creates electrical continuity throughout the system. The XR3 fitting requires minimal torque for easy fitting installation. With no o-rings or gaskets, the reusable brass components provide a reliable metal-to-metal seat
• Straight Fittings connect the flexible gas tubing to gas supply, distribution manifolds or gas appliances.
• Couplings allow for the splicing and additions to the flexible gas tubing.
• Tee Fittings create a branch line on tubing runs.
• Termination Fittings create a fixed point “stub-out” on a wall or floor surface.
• Termination Bracket Fittings provide a secure attachment point for key-valves and as an alternate termination point.

Technical data sheet