Single Wall


InnoFlue® Single Wall Residential uses industry leading, flame retardant, polypropylene technology to construct single wall, gasketed, rigid vent pipes, fittings and accessories. InnoFlue® Single Wall’s dynamic product line provides superior corrosion protection throughout. Lightweight polypropylene eliminates installation fatigue associated with overhead installations of most common venting materials. InnoFlue® is ULC-S636 listed at zero clearance to combustibles, making it approved for use in Canada.

Vent Lengths and fittings are joined using high performance EPDM H1 gaskets, which are suitable for service pressures up to 20 inches of water column (5000Pa) and are resistant to corrosive condensate. Once Centrocerin (installation lubricant) has dried the gaskets provide firm junctions between components.

InnoFlue® Single Wall Residential can be configured to vent individual appliances or cascaded to form a common vent system. InnoFlue® Single Wall Residential can be combined with InnoFlue® Flex or InnoFlue® Concentric.

  • Diameters: 2″ (60mm), 3″ (80mm), 4″ (110mm) & 5″ (125mm)
  • Vent Lengths (Effective Lengths): 12″, 24″ 36″ & 72″
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