Chimney for gas, oil, and diesel – 6” to 48”

Waterproof envelope system


The VIP model chimney is a prefabricated chimney made for use with forced draft and negative or neutral draft appliances, such as high-pressure steam boilers, building heating equipment, industrial furnaces, kilns, hoods, and ovens. It can also be used with diesel exhaust engines and gas turbines. The VIP model chimney was designed as a complete venting system capable of functioning in positive forced draft and negative or neutral pressure conditions. It was designed and tested for flue gas temperatures of up to 537°C (1000° F). Fire safety clearance for combustibles is dependent on your maximum operating temperature; the maximum allowable continuous flue gas temperature for the VIP chimney is 760° C (1400° F).


The VIP is a double wall insulated chimney. Its inner lining is equipped with a graphite pressure seal, while its outer casing uses a silicone pressure seal. To allow for a variety of applications and fuels, the VIP’s chimney flue and casing are available in several materials and thicknesses. The standard VIP chimney, which is suited to most applications, is produced with 1” of high-temperature, high-density insulation. For non-standard custom applications, the VIP model is available with either 2” or 4” of insulation. We recommend using stainless steel chimney lengths for all corrosive or exterior environments.

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VIC – Condensing vent


ICC’s VIC model is a single wall, double wall, or insulated double wall vent system used for condensing and near-condensing appliances. It is tested and listed to UL 1738/ULC S636 standards. The VIC condensing vent can be used for the applications below:

  • Category I, II, III, and IV gas appliances with a maximum flue gas temperature of 550° F.
  • BH-type gas vents for appliances with a maximum flue gas temperature of 550° F.
  • Appliances that produce condensation in the exhaust stream.

The VIC model’s inner liner is built from super-ferritic AL294C-type stainless steel or 444-type stainless steel; both alloys meet the requirements for the UL corrosion resistance test. The exterior wall of the double wall VIC system is made using 430-type stainless steel. The VIC model is offered in the following configurations:

  • Single wall: used to connect different appliances together. This system is lightweight and easy to install horizontally. It is recommended to install the VIC single wall vent inside the building or in an environment where the temperature remains above freezing.
  • Double wall: the double wall improves heat retention inside the flue, which increases draft strength and can reduce safety clearance to combustibles in some cases. The double wall model also has a lower impact on ambient temperature (in a mechanical room, for example). It is approved for both interior and exterior installations.
  • Double wall insulated: this model is the best choice for exterior installations in cold climates. The insulated exterior casing minimizes heat loss and increases draft strength. This model’s inner liner, which measures between 5” and 16” in diameter, is either tungsten arc welded or laser welded – both butt welding techniques. Butt welding lessens the impact on the steel and creates a smooth and corrosion-resistant seam.
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