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Trilex advocates for high-quality products and customer service. Our distributors benefit from a wide selection of state-of-the-art products, which benefits their commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. Since 2008, we have played a part in the growth of numerous distributors all across Quebec!

  • Different manufacturers

    Trilex is committed to offering cutting-edge technology. Our company invests in research and development of equipment that will satisfy our distributors and their customers.

    Extensive range of products A wide selection

  • Expertise

    Our building services experts will share their technical knowledge, providing specialized consultation and superior customer support.

    Expert knowledgeComprehensive service

  • Specialized training

    Our experts offer comprehensive training adapted to our distributors’ needs. We empower them to provide their customers with extraordinary service.

    Professional trainingProductivity

  • All over Quebec

    Since its foundation in 2008, Trilex has undergone continuous expansion thanks to its versatile team, quality services, and superior products. Thanks to our diverse range of products, we now cover all of Quebec.

    Distribution to multiple locationsAvailability

Our step-by-step service for future Trilex distributors

  • 1 Step



    Before meeting with your customer to discuss their project, our experts will help you make the sale. They will examine the project’s particular needs, then identify the right type of product and select the power output required for the building. You and your clients will have access to all of the necessary information to ensure the project’s complete success.

  • 2 Step


    Perfecting your skills

    Where necessary, our expert will train your employees to increase their level of knowledge on our products and their installation. Your team will be empowered to adequately advise your customers and answer even the most specific questions. Our personalized training service gives distributors and entrepreneurs an edge over the competition. Contact us to learn more about personalized training for your team.

  • 3 Step



    To ensure the accuracy of your tender, Trilex will help you select the right product and guide you through the contracting process. Out experts make sure your choice of appliance and selected installation method are correct, and ensure that the total cost of your project is accurate. By closely evaluating each contract, we are able to provide a superior level of service to our distributors and their clients.

  • 4 Step


    Support and follow-up

    Our technicians and building services experts are here to help. They will guide you through the installation process to ensure that your project progresses smoothly, and provide ongoing support for problem resolution. Our follow-up guarantee allows our distributors to offer a comprehensive service that will instill confidence in their customers. They will be empowered to answer any questions with support from Trilex experts. Trilex also offers maintenance and repair services.

First and foremost, we take the time to meet with you to determine your particular needs.

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