Control systems

Introducing the new HBX Wireless Outdoor Sensor, the WAV-0100. This wireless outdoor sensor goes against all conventional wireless technology. While others communicate only with their own devices, HBX has developed a way to broaden horizons. The WAV-0100 is able to connect to any control that uses a thermistor input for its outdoor sensing. Because of this revolutionary technology, the WAV-0100 can connect to boilers, reset controls, thermostats and many other devices. This makes the WAV-0100 perfect for retrofits as well as new installs.


Control systems

Introducing the simplest, most intuitive control available to the hydronic industry, the CPU-0550. The unique design means minutes to learn, minutes to setup. This control covers a wide variety of applications from a single unit, reducing the number of different controls on your shelf.

The CPU-0550 stand alone outdoor reset control accommodates staging, mixing, differential setpoint and pump sequencer applications in a condensed package with extensive flexibility.

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Control systems

The HBX ORC-0100 is designed to be an energy-saving automatic control for hot water boilers. The ORC-0100 measures the outside air temperature and re-adjust the heating system water to a minimum water temperature to satisfy the heat loss of the home or building.


Control systems

This diverse single stage heating/cooling THM-0100 Non-Programmable Thermostat is also designed around PID Algorithm theory and can also benefit applications requiring a single setpoint control. A single on board auxiliary sensor will allow for internal room, external floor, or outdoor sensing options.


Control systems

Introducing the simplest, most intuitive control available to the industry, The SN0-0550 . This standalone snow melt control replaces the SNO-0500 at the same competitive price as the previous control, but with more features and benefits. This unique control uses a new step-by-step interface allowing for easy set up. With new preset snow conditions (Very Light, Light, Moderate and Heavy), it is simple to set the control to turn on the system based on snowfall intensity.

The new snow melt control utilizes the HBX Optical Snow Sensor (SNO-0110). This snow/ice sensor utilizes optics rather than continuity based on/off sensors typically used by other manufacturers. The sensor provides HBX snow melt controls with feedback on snowfall rate and Slab Temperature.