Control systems

Introducing the simplest, most intuitive control available to the industry, The SN0-0550 . This standalone snow melt control replaces the SNO-0500 at the same competitive price as the previous control, but with more features and benefits. This unique control uses a new step-by-step interface allowing for easy set up. With new preset snow conditions (Very Light, Light, Moderate and Heavy), it is simple to set the control to turn on the system based on snowfall intensity.

The new snow melt control utilizes the HBX Optical Snow Sensor (SNO-0110). This snow/ice sensor utilizes optics rather than continuity based on/off sensors typically used by other manufacturers. The sensor provides HBX snow melt controls with feedback on snowfall rate and Slab Temperature.

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Control systems

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CON-X-Us technology frees you from the mechanical room. The CON-X-US application communicates over the internet via Wi-Fi or hardwire. Using any smart device, you can link up with SMART SYSTEM controls boilers in multiple locations, for multiple customers. From a single boiler to an 8-unit cascade system, you’ll be able to check operating status or re-program boiler functions,from anywhere

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