While some radiant heating installations look like science projects gone wrong, the NextGen Boiler achieves a professional installation each and every time due to its innovative and compact design. The time saved on installation labor is attractive to both the contractor and the homeowner. The NextGen Boiler is manufactured to the highest standards and will exceed expectations for many years to come.



What is modulation? Let’s say your home is heated by a KNIGHT with 285,000 Btu/hr heating power. When it’s just “pretty cold” outside, the boiler starts by firing at a fuel-saving 57,000 Btu/hr, only 20% of its maximum heating potential. As the temperature drops to “really really cold,” KNIGHT is designed to “modulate” upward to the 100% maximum 285,000 Btu/hr of heating power

KNIGHT automatically adjusts its firing rate to exactly meet demand for heat.Modulation eliminates the frequent, noisy on/off cycling heard from boilers or forced-air systems that can only fire at 100%. This helps reduce wasted fuel,and ensures a (quiet KNIGHT) for your home.

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